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It really is a team effort with SJREID.  We just think it serves our clients – YOU - better!


 When you contact Sonya or Joey as a seller with a listing, it is not uncommon for both of them to meet with you at the beginning of the relationship.  Their combined strengths of land and residential experience comes to bear on assisting you with the appropriate list price and guiding you through the entire selling process.  As a buyer, you have both of them keeping their eyes open for the right home for you.  They have both lived in Murphy their entire lives, so their broad knowledge of  the residential and commercial development in the local area is huge in presenting you with properties that fit your needs and wants.  In addition, you will have their two assistants at your disposal.  To best serve you, Mel focuses on the listings and Connie focuses on the closings but both are available for your call or visit at any time and they will do all they possibly can to assist you.


  Long term residents and 32+ years of real estate experience will work hard for you!


  Regardless of whether you are selling or buying, we like to say if needed, we can hold your hand through the entire process.  The entire team would be privileged to have the opportunity to serve you!  We look forward to hearing from you/meeting you!

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